About SHEMACO Magnesium

Shemaco aims to become the largest Magnesium producer in the Middle East; offering European industries with a non-Chinese alternative, at a stable low price and with industry leading CO2 emission metrics. The natural gas fuelled Pidgeon technology was conceived and patented by Aramico, a company focused on industrial R&D and EPC projects, founded in 2008 by the previous deputy minister of the country's Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade. Initial development of a Magnesium facility was backed by the National Development Fund to support domestic requirements, with production commencing in 2015.

Since early 2014, the Shemaco project has been under development as a joint venture between Aramico and London Tonnage Limited, with the aim to build on the group’s technical understanding and patented process in order to develop the Magnesium Industry for international export. In early 2016, Shemaco formed a technical partnership with Rauch GmbH of Austria, the world leader in downstream Magnesium engineering and handling, in order to ensure a consistent high quality of its finished products.


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